The paintings of Australian artist Richard Rogers. 


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Serpentine Gorge NT
A Long Way To The Beach


A Simple Approach DVD


The bottom line.

'If you like painting from reference photos but want to take it further than merely copying what's in the photo is a very realistic style, then I think you'll enjoy this DVD. You watch Australian artist Richard Rogers as he creates two paintings from a reference photo, of scenes in the Australian Outback. You'll see how you can interpret the scene in a looser style, with expressive mark-making and bolder choices of color.'


Marion Body-Evans

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The Acrylic Artist's Guidebook

48 pages of encouragement, tips, tricks and ideas to help you become a better painter. Includes seven step by step demonstrations illustrating different approaches to painting.

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Five Galleries of acrylic paintings illustrating a range of different subjects and approaches. Free reference photos

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Gone - Not Forgotten
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